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Would be a nice cheap way to scan VOD programs and get bonus free qam content on cable. That is one of the boxes being "given" for the coupon deal.

FAQ: The Transition to Digital Television

Indeed, the law says that the coupons can not be used for a converter box that has an QAM tuner. It must only have an ATSC tuner in it. Barovelli join Cant wait. Why do the best deals come with a phone?

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Your Comcast. Windows 7 forever or a couple more years [ Microsoft ] by Glen T My ONT was installed outside 10 yrs ago, new installs now inside.

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So, if you are seeing the same thing, use the phone number, which someone has already done successfully. FFH5 Premium Member Jan-1 am said by bUU : From what I've read, the coupons must be used within a specific period of time, and you cannot get replacements if you wait too long. So it may be prudent to wait a little while, but not too long because once the Federal money is gone, they stop issuing coupons even if there is more demand for them.

It may have been a cookie problem. I had to turn on accepting all cookies instead of just from dtv Normally I block all cookies except from sites I pick.

DTV Tip #5: Order Your Converter Box Coupon - IPTV

Purchase a new television set with a built-in digital tuner. Another option you may choose is to upgrade to a new television set with a built-in digital tuner.

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As with older sets, you will need an over-the-air antenna that provides quality reception of over-the-air analog television signals to pick up free digital broadcast programming from local stations. Most sets sold in the last few years that are larger than 27 inches will likely have a digital tuner.

FAQ: The Transition to Digital Television

Subscribe to cable, satellite or a telephone company television service provider. All of these services will allow you to receive digital television signals on your analog television set. No additional equipment is required if you decide to go this route. However, be sure to check that the pay service you choose carries all of the program services provided by the local broadcast stations.