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It can accommodate a This bag features a fold over top design with sturdy clips to keep it closed. The backpack is constructed from Denier Durable Ballistic Polyester. Thanks to this heavy-duty fabric, the bag is ready to protect your items for the long haul. The Solo Vintage Colombian Leather Laptop Backpack is made from a beautiful full-grain, premium leather and is extremely durable.

It can hold a laptop measuring up to The laptop compartment is well padded which will give you peace of mind in knowing your electronics are safe. This backpack is checkpoint friendly allowing you to zoom through TSA scanning stations. With black fabric that contrasts the red Swiss Gear logo, it is an attractive choice. They offer a streamlined way to keep all of your important items organized and safe. You can safely store a laptop or tablet, notes, pens, wallet, extra cash, and so much more all in one place. With so many different business backpacks available in a vast array of cool colors, fancy features, and snazzy specifications, finding the best one for your needs can leave you feeling frustrated and exhausted.

From entry-level workers to chief financial officers, a business backpack can be carried by anyone. As technology and fashion have evolved, the methods to safely and comfortably carry our everyday essentials has also evolved. Backpacks are no longer just for school-aged children as they have been retooled to cater to business professionals in every industry imaginable.

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If you have ever dumped hot coffee down the front of a cleanly pressed shirt while juggling a briefcase, folders, a phone, and your work ID card, then you may already have an understanding of how useful a backpack can be. Placing your items in a backpack makes carrying everything much easier.

You can still drink coffee, open doors, make a phone call, and even eat lunch while using a business backpack. In addition to personal preferences, aesthetic appeal, and fun features, there are a few essential considerations to keep in mind when finding the best business backpack. While we researched and reviewed the top professional backpacks available on the market, we discovered that capacity, comfort, security, and overall design are among the most significant components. Here is an in-depth explanation of these features. Capacity refers to how much the backpack can hold.

Your bag needs to be large enough to carry everything that you will need for all of your day to day business tasks. The backpack should have a compartment large enough for your laptop or tablet. Be sure to jot down the dimensions of your laptop or tablet or keep it in mind when reading through product descriptions to ensure it will fit. The bag should also feature separate compartments to store other everyday essentials such as snacks, water, paperwork, and a newspaper or a book. It may also be helpful to select a model that makes it easier to organize small items such as pens, pencils, paperclips, or your phone for example.

It is also important that the compartments keep your things safe so opting for a padded laptop compartment or one that allows you to strap it securely in place may be worth looking into as well. One of the most important features of a backpack lies in the comfort you feel wearing it. Laptops, tablets, and everyday essential items can get heavy to carry. A business backpack allows you to evenly distribute the weight across your shoulders and upper back, making it feel lighter than if the same items were in a briefcase.

Using a professional backpack also makes your commute to and from work more comfortable. If you are rushing to a meeting, making your way through a subway station or walking across a busy street becomes more comfortable and convenient with a backpack style bag. You can look for versions with extra padding in the shoulder straps or an ergonomic design to increase the comfort level as well. A traditional briefcase often has a combination lock that keeps your sensitive paperwork private. A professional style backpack is no different and should offer a way to keep your laptop, phone, paperwork, sensitive materials, and other belongings perfectly safe and sound.

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Some models may include a hidden, locking compartment to safeguard items and some include special materials that stop would be thieves from copying files or stealing your personal electronic devices. If security is especially crucial to you, look for backpacks with lockable secret compartments to stole valuables. Some styles of backpacks also offer RFID protection, conceals sensitive electronic information such as passwords or account numbers that people may attempt to steal wirelessly.

Many versions are crafted from material that is resistant to tearing or being sashed with a knife, another tactic of thieves and muggers. If the safety of your items is of the utmost importance, make sure to look for these helpful security features. Business backpacks are manufactured in a plethora of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs.

Since you will be using the backpack for work, you may wish to opt for an understated, simplistic design in black or grey. There are many sleek and stylish options available that elevate the traditional backpack into a streamlined bag that fits right in to the lifestyle of any CEO. If having a fun pop of color is important to you, you could select a model with a brightly colored interior or select a backpack in your favorite color.

A brightly colored bag could be a great ice breaker during meetings. Other design aspects such as a fun print of the shoulder straps can also be a fun touch. Here is a closer examination of some of the features available on many of the professional backpacks currently available on the market. The best straps for a business backpack are easily adjustable. They should be wide so that they evenly distribute the weight of the items you are carrying. You may want to select straps with extra padding if heavier loads or sore shoulders are a concern.

It is also a great idea to take a good look at how the straps are attached to the bag. If you are planning on purchasing a business backpack that has wheels to allow it to roll, the straps should be able to be safely secured while rolling to prevent accidents.

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The back panel of your new professional backpack should be well padded for comfort. It should also be crafted from a material that allows for ventilation. Your back will thank you after a long and hot summer day. Not all professional backpacks are water or weather resistant. If you live in a wetter climate where it rains often, such as Seattle, this may be a crucial upgrade.

Since you will likely use the backpack to carry your personal electronic devices, keeping them dry and safe is an important concern. You can also purchase a separate rain cover for rainy or snowy days if the bag you like does not have this feature. Does your career require you to travel often? If the answer is yes, you may need to go with an option that is checkpoint friendly.

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A checkpoint friendly backpack allows TSA agents to quickly scan and search your bag. Rolling backpacks that have wheels and a handle are also extremely helpful for individuals that need to travel a lot. Selecting a well-made backpack is imperative. Check for heavy-duty zippers and zipper pulls that will hold up well under constant pulling and tugging.

If you will be traveling with the backpack, you want to pick a version that has a trolley handle pass-through or a smaller strap near the top. This feature allows the bag to hang from the smaller loop and it also can allow the handle of a suitcase to pass through which can tether the backpack to your luggage. This is not a necessity but it is a nice feature to have if you are ever late for a connecting flight. For individuals that enjoy being organized, a business backpack with plenty of pockets can be a beautiful thing.

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From little elastic loops that safely stow away pens to a special spot for your earbuds, there are plenty of features included in this style of bag to allow you to find a place for every belonging. Selecting a model that helps you to be more organized will save you time and frustration.

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Backpacks have finally graduated to the working force. With streamlined designs and plenty of high tech features and specifications, the use of a business backpack will keep you organized both in and out of the office.

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There are excellent options perfectly paired to match your business attire while keeping you organized and productive. We would love to hear your thoughts on the best backpack for work. Please leave us a quick note below to tell us about your favorite models and features. In my opinion, only backpacks like this one may be named for business.

What can you say about this backpack? But it looks quite good now. It was the most important thing I was looking for, the size matters! I like the minimalistic design of Everki Atlas. I bought it a few months ago and it still looks good. Hope, it will be the same for a long period of time.

I like Pacsafe Venturesafe X30 backpack for the range of colors and weight. I like that The Incase Icon Pack has so many pockets that I can organize all the items and find them easily. Also, the materials are good, so I hope to use this backpack for years. But the good thing is that it was quite easy to make the backpack clean again.

Oh, I understand your situation!

So I still recommend this backpack to everyone who appreciates good quality for an affordable price. I like it for the range of colors represented in the shop and that it really costs its price. Business backpacks usually look not very pleasant, but the options represented here are quite attractive. Incase Icon Pack is extremely comfortable! I recommend it for those who appreciate durable yet not very expensive options. So, wish me luck not to be mistaken with my choice.

They also have front organizer pockets for keeping essentials handy, and some even have side water-bottle pockets. Lucky for you, Target carries Jansport backpacks with ergonomic shoulder straps, padded back panels and every other convenience you want—plus the hottest styles to fit your look. Pack up and go with the best backpacks at Target. Loading, please wait Free 2-Day Shipping. Shop by school age. Shop by type.

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